OrganizationRAF Station
Preferred Age
Preferred Gender Male
Minimum Experience3 years
Qualifications 1. Diploma, degree graduate & Civil Defense Firefighting Training/Basic Firefighting Training or higher specialized training
Responsibilities KEY DUTIES:
1. Responds to fire calls, chemical spills, general rescue and all other emergency calls.
2. Fights fires, delivers emergency medical care within scope of practice.
3. Works as part of fire crew under the direction of Fire Supervisor in maintaining fire station and making area safe.
4. Performs general checks and maintenance of vehicles, fire and rescue equipment and fire station facilities.
5. Conducts inspections and cleans fire protection systems.
6. Gives inductions and fire safety talks to workers and visitors.
7. Participates in training, classes and drills in firefighting, emergency medical care, disaster response and specialized rescue in ensuring knowledge and skills are up to date.
8. Carries out on site checks and inspections of work areas, fire safety equipment and materials and report incidents of non-safety compliance.
9. Able to pass Physical Ability Test, medical and physical examinations.
10. Able to meet or exceed physical requirements, including but not limited to the physical strength and ability to perform heavy and strenuous tasks for extended periods of time under dangerous and uncomfortable conditions, often while wearing bulky protective gear, including self-contained breathing apparatus.
11. Able to drive.