Mechanical Technician (Water)

Preferred Age Between 25 and 35
Preferred Gender Male
Minimum Experience5 years
Qualifications 3 year Diploma in technical education in Mechanical Engineering and Experience in a related industry
Responsibilities 1- To attend routine maintenance defects for rotating and all stationary equipment such as piping and valves maintenance, tube leak attending, filters cleaning.
2- To carry out PMS activities for rotating and all stationary equipment according to Management PMS schedule.
3- To carry out overhauling activities for the rotating all stationary equipment such as demisters replacement, water jet cleaning of tubes for the brine heater ,water boxes, ejector system condensers, valves maintenance, servicing of ejector system, Deaerator cleaning, Piping repair and leaks attending, shut down defects attending, ball strainer cleaning, OLTCS system o/h, safety valves testing according to Management schedule,
4- To ensure that company safety guidelines and procedures being followed and work to be executed with valid safety document.
5- To take care of his tools and housing keeping of area of work
6- To maintain the history of the equipment. To ensure safety, quality and quantity for the Qatari staff training