Field Engineer III ( GT/HRB/MSFE/BOP )

OrganizationOperation Dept
Preferred Age Between 25 and 35
Preferred Gender Male
Minimum Experience years
Qualifications Diploma in Mech. Engineering
Responsibilities Conducts routine plant ( GTG/HRB/MSFE/BOP/ Auxiliary Equipment) checks i.e. plant round ups, monitoring , reporting any abnormality of all rotating / stationary / emergency equipment and completion of all kind of logs.
- Perform operational actions under direction from the CRE-II/CRE-1/ STL (i.e. valve operation, startup/shutdown of equipment in area of his responsibilities, or resetting/clearing the local alarms etc.) to avoid any abnormal plant operations or to take corrective actions to abnormalities, handling any local emergencies.
- Prepare the plant and plant equipment for start-ups in accordance with operations procedure.
- Performs plant shut down and extended shut down preservation of plant routines in accordance with operations procedure.
- Perform manual intervention actions during trip conditions and maintains close supervision to ensure safe run down of RAF plant and it associated auxiliary equipment.
- Practical application of safety rules performing safe plant isolations from the system to allow routine planned/unplanned/emergency maintenance activities. De-isolates and restores plant equipment safely following any kind of maintenance activities.
- Perform routine assigned maintenance activity on the plant such as lube oil top-up/ filters replacements etc. in the absence of maintenance personnel.
- Support CRE-II during emergency situations Carry out the sample analysis of the Power plant & water plant process in cases where Chemist is not on-site or as per requirement of plant operation which includes but not limited Steam/water cycle, distillate, potable water, sea water and other samples.
- Monitors and evaluates performance of various plant systems and equipment.
- Responsible for maintaining safety and housekeeping of the plant. Initiates routine operational activities/equipment change overs/ ODG reading/ maintain all local area logs and reports.
- Learn and able to perform the duties of CRE-II whenever necessary.