Safety Inspector

OrganizationTechnical Department
Preferred Age Between 25 and 35
Preferred Gender Male
Minimum Experience5 years
Responsibilities Carryout daily site inspections and advice for corrective actions to ensure safe methods of work with staff to monitor and improve health and safety standards in their workplaces. Ensure strict enforcement of Company HSE Policy & HSEMS.

Discuss HSE issues every day through daily meeting to promote and enhance HSE performance.

Facilitate and use the regular Safety and Communications Meetings to reinforce everyone's HSE commitments and behaviors.

Prepare reports on results of inspections and investigations and completing detailed paperwork.

Provide HSE reports to the HSE Manager and report any short fall with proper justification and recommendations.

Ensure strict implementation of PTW system & monitor work shall be carried out in accordance with specific measures itemized on the permit.

Promote a strong health, safety and environmental protection culture to the entire team to raise the level of HSE awareness.

Ensure accident-reporting system is in operation and used effectively. Investigate all incidents including near misses and establish cause and corrective action to avoid further reccurence.

Maintain accurate safety statistics of accidents, incidents and near misses.

Assistance to review and upgrade standards and procedure in the work environments focusing on continue improvements to eliminate and prevent injury or decease.

Ensure that company procedures relating to HSE are followed, lifting tools, tackles and equipments checked periodically by the competent person with high degree of supervision and that all lifting tackles/ equipments certificates are maintained.

Carry out regular inspection on all vehicles and equipment, workshop, site locations, camp inspections, First aid box inspection, Fire extinguishers Inspection, PPE inspection, Lifting Tools & Equipment inspection, Store Inspection, Yard Inspection etc.

Involve in Accident Investigation team, Handle Emergencies, Perform Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Inspection of Hazardous Condition.

Should have a thorough knowledge of HSE practices and procedures and ability to use the knowledge to prevent unsafe acts and apply professional judgments within this framework.

Conduct Emergency Mock drills, Fire drills, rescue drills at site level.

Carry out site survey to see only safe work method are in operation that health safety requirement are being observed and welfare first aid facilities are adequate and properly maintained.

Involve in Management Walkthrough & HSE Walkthrough along with client representatives. Identify hazards, unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviors and taking quick and prompt remedial actions to correct them.
Note: Unfortunately, we are not accepting new applications for this position.